RiotMU - Season VI Episode III

[20/09/2019] 22hs UTC Grand Opening!!! [Info] EXP: 50x | Drop: 30% | No Reset [Info] Very Hard Server | Play to Win!

More RiotMU Information

Information About RiotMU You Should Know!

Useful Commands


/readd (Re add your Stats you need 20 Coins for this command)
/pkclear (Quit status PK)
/s (Add points to Strengh)
/a (Add points to agility)
/v (Add points to vitality)
/e (Add points to Energy)
/c (Add points to command, only in DarkLords)
/go+evento => example /godrop (takes you to the drop event); /gotvt (takes you to the npc to enter the TvT event); /goblood (takes you to the archangel to enter the blood)
/marry to <Player> (Marrying another player will allow you to use the track and trace; requires 20 Coins)
/trackmarry (It takes you to the place where your partner is)
/tracemarry (Bring your partner to your position)
/re auto (Auto party)
/re off (reject all requests)
/re on (activate requests)
/remaster (redistribute master points, cost 100 Coins)
/changename (Change name, cost 100 Coins)(Only VIP Golden)
/classe  (Change class, cost 300 Coins)(Only VIP Golden)


(This command is used to auto attack, you can add the command / offattack after activating the attak command to leave your character leveling without having to open the game or your PC on)

Dark Wizard 
/attack 39 (IceStorm)
/attack 9 (EvilSpirit)
/attack 14 (Inferno)
/attack 16 (ManaShield) 
/attack 233 (Expansion of wizardry)
Dark Knight: 
/attack 41 (twisting)
/attack 43 (Death stab) 
/attack 48 (SwellLife) 
/attack 235 (multishot) 
/attack 24 (Triple Shot) 
/attack 51 (Ice arrow) 
/attack 52 (Penetration) 
/attack 77 (Infinity arrows)
Special case to put the autobuff with commando attack
It requires that you have a bow equipped with skill, it requires the buffers powers and it requires the infinity arrow
Once these requirements have been met, the command to use is: /attack 1 1 7 (Auto Buff To energy elfs)

Magic Gladiator: 
/attack 236 (Flame Strike) 
/attack 237 (Giantic Storm) 
/attack 56 (Power Slash) 
/attack 9 (EvilSpirit) 
/attack 55 (Fireslash) 
Dark Lord: 
/attack 238 (Chaotic) 
/attack 61 (Fireburst) 
/attack 60 (Force) 
/attack 64 (Critical Damage) 
/attack 230 (Lightning shock) 
/attack 215 (Chain) 
/attack 217 (Reflect) 
/attack 218 (Berserk) 
Rage Fighter: 
/attack 264 (Dragon lore) 
/attack 270 (Phoenix Shot) 
/attack 260 (Killing Blow) 
/attack 266 (Ignore) 
/attack 267 (Health) 
/attack268 (Block)

Available Events

Event Reward
Blood Castle - Jewel of Bless
Chaos Castle - Jewel of Life or Ancient Item
Devil Square - Spots & Exp
White Wizards - Jewel of Bless
Golden Invasion - Kundums Box's
Robot Puch - Random Jewel (Bless, Soul, Chaos)
Rabbits Invasion - Random Jewel (Soul, Life, Chaos)
Medusa Attack - Exellent Items
Selupan - Exe Socket Items
Nightmare - 380 Exellent Items
Kundun - Items Ancient
Red Dragon - Jewel of Chaos
Santa Invasion - Santa Village Entry & Buff's
Moss Merchant - Items Randoms
TvT Event - 20 Coins x Player
Double Goer - Jewel of Creation
Level UP Event +Spots 8 mobs's / Low Respawn
Items Drop - Jewels & Items
Nerubians Boss - Golden Medal
Crywolf Event - Items Exelent 380
Balgass Boss - 2 Items Ancients
Gaion Event - Items Exelent 380
Battle Royal - 50 Coins
King of MU - 100 Coins